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So Why Feng Shui?

Getting straight to the point — Feng Shui is not about hanging trinkets. It's not just a bout of interior decorating; it's an ancient and profound system that helps us understand the unmeasurable energetic interactions between buildings and their surroundings, and how we can orchestrate this energy to elevate our lives.

Now, as for us Architects, one might assume we're Feng Shui naturals by default, considering our expertise in aesthetics, environmental appreciation, and more. However, we typically do not receive any training on the subject of that of that elusive life force energy just beyond the scientific calculators, that force that directs cells to form lungs and take that first breath, or that sparks that minuscule synaptic current that triggers an thought.

In the grand universe of existence, everything pulsates with a life form or a life force. Grasp its flow, and you unlock the potential to reshape your reality. Ancient Chinese writings describe philosophers and scholars immersed in deciphering the energetic threads connecting stars, terrain, and human habits. After millennia of meticulous observation, these masters unveiled these connections, and they eventually developed the sacred writings and charts we now recognize as Feng Shui. The modern Western schools have introduced more psychological concepts of color and symbology to the mix, but at its core level, it's about how you - a human energy form - interact directly with the land forms, magnetic field directions, and interior spaces around you.

So, the next time you ponder where to put your front door – or even your sofa for that matter – tune in to what’s around you. Feng Shui has become my silent accomplice in the design process, and I'm delighted to share it.

Interested in learning more?  We now offer feng shui consults and design in Huntsville and the Southeast US.  Contact us for a consult.

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